2019-09-04~14 Burgundy First stage

I got on the TGV for the first time. To be honest, the Japanese Shinkansen is better.

You can see the map below, I was moved on the TGV from the red circle to the middle green circle burgundy.



When I finish running in Burgundy, I can also take the TGV to run the left green circle Bordeaux.


Burgundy has also run half way. Running from the top left of the line.


Under a huge wide sky, the country road climbs up and down the hill. I don't meet the car.


I can see a Burgundy field from a church hill. One bench in a large park. I'm the only one in Burgundy.


I met with rain for two days. I got the rain all two days, It is really cool.


When I arrive at the hotel in the rain, I will be greeted in Japanese by “Konnichiwa".
A Japanese wife and a French husband. In such a small village. she speak well in Japanese, French and English.


When I was running on such a beautiful country road, I can not see anyone. I'm the only one looks around here. It is a burgundy charter.


Can you see? The village where today's hotel is located. There is one small grocery store that opens at 8am and closes at 1pm. There is only one post office and cafe. I love that countryside like here.


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