2019-10-01~05 Blauvac
Cycling with we three was over, and we three worked at the farm for three days. It was feeling like a farm camp.

Alex and Jean-Luc was return to their homes and I was stay at the villa.

Alex had entrusted me with my plans after Bordeaux, but when farming was over, he said, "You can spend your time at this villa until you return to Japan." This villa is more comfortable for me than going back to Cannes. I couldn't connect to the internet but decided to stay villa.

The photos from here are snapshots of the villa and do not synchronize with the next text.




The villa is surrounded by vineyards and takes 10 minutes on foot to the nearest house. I can't hear any human voice.


Alex is said to want to live in this villa. Because it's quiet.


I understand Alex's feelings right away. Only this villa knows the word quiet. A faint cry from a distant chicken. The sound of the wind stroking leaves. The voice of a small insect. Occasionally propeller planes fly and crispy sounds.


Buy food and put it in the refrigerator. Cook it in the kitchen. I don't have any luxury, but for some reason I can cook well.


When I dine out on the terrace looking at the vineyards, it tastes great.


There is a piano on the second floor. Although it seems to be written not to play in French, I gently pressed the keyboard.


This villa is carefully cared for by Alex's mother Martha. Every corner of the villa is full of Martha's taste. It's a pleasant word with its color and good texture.


Of course, Alex also cuts windows and repaints tiles and walls, such as how to build a house. Creates a delicate texture.


I wouldn't be able to use it alone for five days, but now I'm staying a villa in this luxury.

Alex and his mother Martha are really big and cheerful. They are the person who fits the word honesty. Because it trusts me who I didn't know until three years ago.



Martha came twice during the five-day villa staying. At one time, She came with Normandy's Daniel and his wife, and they drove to the neighbor for a chat. The second time, she gave me sweets and Provencal dishes.

Even when She was 80 years old, She drive on the expressway, went to a distance, sleep to bed in her car, And got tickets many times for speeding from the policeman.


Martha is very beautiful in English. Even if she write it, I will be impressed with an amazing expression.


Martha lives in Bedoin 15 km away and I was called once for lunch. The living room where the wood stove and room was gently wrapped in white.


I can see an old album at her grandson in Bordeaux, Martha was very very beautiful. It is still beautiful now.


Five days passed in no time. Isn't this the first time that I have felt such a flow of time?

Very very thanks for Alex and Martha forgave this luxury. And Jean-Luc for taking me here.


When I left the villa, no tears came out like last year. The feeling last year that I might not be able to meet that invited tears.

I feel bright now, "Let's meet again."

This is the end of trip diary. Thank you reading this !



2019-10-01~05 Blauvac
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